Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sticky Journals

Publish or Perish
This is the magic commandment in the new academic world
Academics are required to publish and quality measures are based on publication number, citation number, and journal impact factor.
Some countries require students and academics to publish x number of papers in ISI listed publication.
Many journals now appear offering service to publish academic papers at some cost. The journals also promised to be ISI listed.
I want to explore these new journals ... 


  1. Fabulous and informative blog. Scam artists in USA will cite "scientific studies" as evidence of their legitimacy in pubs like the "Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Science" (see below). The work looks like "science" to the lay consumer. Yet, may not be worth the paper its printed on.

  2. This is a very interesting Blog. Will it continue? Some scientists are not so cynical as to let impact factors drive their scholarship and publishing, but the pitfalls of such cynicism should be more discussed, as per this blog. Thanks for raising these issues.