Friday, 2 December 2011

How to improve your impact factor?

A great article by Smeyers and Burbules

The authors also highlight how people manipulate the impact factor, and suggest some ways you can manipulate and play the game. Read it here

Here are the tips:
  • Forget about society and education in general.
  • Find a research area that is flourishing and blessed with a large number of ISI journals.
  • Limit your research interest to a minute aspect that is distinctly associated with you, and which can be addressed empirically.
  • While you need not limit yourself to quantitative methods, bear in mind that these are always to be preferred.
  • If you can at all, avoid case studies.
  • Look for friends with whom you can swap cites.
  • Cite your own work often, and cite lots of articles from the journal in which you want to publish.
  • Do good work by all means, but above all be sure to publish findings that are controversial and widely debated … Then sit back and watch your impact factor grow.

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